Guideline Downloads

Graphic Guidelines – Flexo Printing


Place artwork and copy inside the “live area” (see illustration on the right). On a bag, 100% ink coverage is acceptable and the template can be filled with color.

Automatic Bags With Window
Stock windows are available and will be provided at no cost. Custom windows will be placed at a distance that is half the gusset plus 1/8” from the bottom of the bag and 1-1/4” away from both sides and will be ordered at cost.

Special Templates
Features include: tin ties, labels, pockets, vent holes/slits, or any special requests. Contact customer service for more information.

For spot print, keep all copy 1/4” clear from outer edges. If 100% color is desired on sheets, please contact us before creating your artwork. For random print need request special template.
Graphics covers entire web width.


BagcraftPapercon accepts the following software: Include all images (EPS, Tiffs, JPEGs, etc.).


Send all files via the following formats:


Include all fonts with each file. Although True Type fonts are acceptable, Post Script fonts are preferred. Type created into outlines is also acceptable but please be aware that if any changes need to be made to the file, the native fonts need to be sent in. If fonts are not included and not in BagcraftPapercon’s database, substitution of fonts will occur with what is available. If substitution is not acceptable, the customer is responsible for all costs associated with purchasing the proper font(s). All type must be at least 6 pt. Reversed out type must be a minimum of 8 pt. and must be bold (or created into outlines and stroked) to allow for press gain.


Applicable line screen is determined by the graphics and the equipement that it is qouted on. If screens or tints are to be used, please keep this into consideration: Because of variations on the presses, some screens will hold their true value better than others. The higher the percentage used, the more they will fill in at the press. BagcraftPapercon recommends 15% on the low end to 85% on the high end. Please use spot colors only*. If colors need to be acheived by using overlaying colors, then BagcraftPapercon will guide you to which is the best direction to take with all the printing variables taken into consideration. Gradients can also be used, but keep them as large as possible and colors to a minimum.